Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The lazy blogger - re-energized by two new books!

     Heaven for a writer could be defined as having deadlines for two books at once.  Also hell.  And that's what I have been doing for some time.  The books are very different. Cleans Up Nicely  is a novel revisiting the New York of the 70's - decadent, dirty, dangerous and also exploding with creativity along with the craziness. Loving Our Addicted Daughters Back to Life is a guide for parents and loved ones of young adult women who have some kind of substance-abuse problem and for the first time, tells this audience about the great new research in gender medicine in understanding and treating addiction in women.
   Cleans Up comes out in August of 2013!!! Loving our Addicted Daughters is being shopped.
They both explore the particular dangers and destructiveness of female addiction in totally different ways, which I didn't set out to do, but of course, now see was my subconscious drive. I am a woman addict, I have been there, and I know what happens after you clean up, the tango of recovery.  And even after 36 years clean (yup), the dance goes on.  Keeps you limber and alert.   

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About my latest book, a novel, "Gringa in a Strange Land." Set in Mexico in the early '70's, a(n American) female on-the-road adventure, a coming of age tale, but also a kind of love letter to southern Mexico, especially the Yucatan, during the tempestuous counterculture and - many of us thought - the edge of a new era throwing off repression, war and dictatorship (man, were we wrong.)